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At SJHS-GPO, we develop collaborative relationships with our suppliers and enjoy working together to achieve best value for our Members and the patients they serve.

SJHS-GPO is proud to offer a streamlined process to our supplier community, supported by leading technology partners, MERX and Bonfire.

SJHS-GPO Now Using MERX for Posted Opportunities

We post all opportunities to the MERX e-tendering website, allowing your organization a convenient, secure and fully audited environment where you can download solicitations from SJHS-GPO. MERX has worked closely with St. Joseph’s Health System to provide its suppliers with an efficient way to access business opportunities to bid on.  By subscribing to MERX, suppliers can be automatically notified of opportunities that match their business profile and get access to the solicitation documents at the click of a mouse. MERX agents are available from 7:00 a.m. to 8 p.m. (ET) to help suppliers with registration and provide support. They can be reached at 1-800-964-6379.

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SJHS-GPO Now Accepting Digital Submissions

Bonfire is a web-based tool that allows purchasing teams to receive and evaluate supplier proposals, quotes, and documents digitally, instead of in hardcopy. It allows suppliers to submit their RFP submissions electronically into Bonfire using cloud-based technology. There is no need to print, ship or hand deliver your submissions: Bonfire makes it easy to create and submit your proposals online.

Over 93% of suppliers recommend Bonfire. There is no cost for suppliers to submit and you will receive instant confirmation that your proposal has been received.

We are pleased to provide a simplified RFP submission process to our suppliers as we partner together to provide optimal value to our Members.

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What Our Suppliers Say…

"As the procurement landscape in Canada becomes even more complex for all parties involved, MEDEC's Medical Imaging Committee greatly values St. Joseph's collaborative approach to balancing their goal of achieving hospital efficiencies for their Members, with vendor's ability to meet these demands. MEDEC Medical Imaging Committee Members have experienced significant improvements in their ability to effectively respond to St. Joseph's RFP requests, primarily driven by the new digital format and more efficient processes."

MEDEC Medical Imaging Committee