Food System Sustainability

MEALsource has been recognized for its ground-breaking work to advance opportunities for local food producers to become engaged in the healthcare contract process. Using the power of the dollar, we have helped increase purchases of local, sustainable foods that contribute to a more resilient local food system, while bringing more local fruits, vegetables and protein to the table for our Members’ patients.

We are committed to the education and inclusion of new Suppliers, as well as providing a level playing field for participation in our processes.

MEALsource is honoured to participate as an advisor in Nourish, which is a national community of practice empowering leaders in healthcare working to influence the culture and practice of food towards sustainability and equity.

Canadian Food Policy Advisory Council is a panel of 23 food system experts appointed to advise the Canadian Minister of Agriculture on the effective implementation of the Canadian Food Policy. Click here for more information.

We track and report on Product of Ontario contract items. With the roll out of the Local Food Act in Ontario, it is important for our membership to access this information easily. Therefore, all of our award reports identify whether a product is "Product of Ontario" based on the current OMAFRA definition.