Membership Benefits

You have a lot on your plate – managing tight food budgets while meeting the nutritional needs of your patients.

Let us help you:

Reduce your costs
Our not-for-profit model allows us to provide the lowest membership fees in the country. 100% of vendor rebates are returned to Members on top of immediate invoice savings.

Protect your budget from price fluctuations
Many of our contract items offer firm pricing during the terms of the agreement.

Get insight into your purchases
We offer customized reporting tailored to your specific needs.

Gain access to a complete range of food products
Through our national and local food manufacturers and distributors.

Choose the items that meet your needs
We never dictate what’s best for you and your patients; we simply deliver the best pricing for the products you choose.

Participate in a vital peer-to peer network
Engage in knowledge sharing with other Members through MEALsource hosted events and industry programs, such as local food procurement initiatives and vendor fairs, as well as our annual Food Forum.

Reduce your risk
Let us do the work for you, by managing a fair, open and transparent RFP process that adheres to the Broader Public Sector Procurement Directive.

Let us show you what MEALsource can do for you

Download one of the Basket of Goods template, adjust the product mix to reflect the requirements of your organization and email it to a MEALsource representative.

Basket of Goods Template - Acute          Basket of Good Template - LTC